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It's just what the name says:

CENSUS joined with the NBM (National Broadband Map) Information.

CensusNBM updates, organizes and makes accessible the most current FCC Form 477 fixed broadband deployment intelligence along with prior NTIA filings. These customer and competitor broadband locations are merged with rich marketing metrics. Every six months a new broadband picture emerges and the CensusNBM helps you mine that granular intelligence for planning, marketing and planning purposes.

CensusNBM is an Analyst-Ready tool that requires no database or systems analyst assistance. This web-based system filters and calculates gigabytes of Broadband Competitor NBM, demographic and business firm data instantly at the National, State or zoomed down to the Census Block level.

Quickly access, drill-down and query the broadband data to analyze:
  • Overlapping Competitive Provider footprints
  • Speed Intervals for consumers and business
  • Mobile, Cable, Fiber, WISP, Satellite, and DSL technologies
  • Households, Homes Passed & Population
  • Firms and Employees
  • Competitor Market Size by City, Metro, State & Nation
  • Competitor location, speeds offered & technology threat
  • USF and CAF Opportunities
  • Trends in Rural Broadband Deployment
Benefits to You
CensusNBM assembles the most current Broadband information and provides you with powerful tools, reports and consulting support. Your analyst-ready solution cost effectively saves you time and provides immediate broadband competitive and policy insights.