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Background Data

Information Sources

NBM, the National Broadband Map is managed by the FCC as part of its Form 477 filings since December 2014. Previously, the NTIA in collaboration with the FCC, states and territories produced the NBM from June 2010 through June 2014. As part of the State Broadband Initiative the NBM monitors every six months the progress of Broadband deployment, technology type and speeds at detailed Census Block level for all broadband carriers. CensusNBM combines both the FCC and NTIA's historical trends and updates these filings every six months onto our web-based tool shortly after they become public.

The U.S. Census counts every US resident at the census block level (the smallest geographic unit for which the Census Bureau tabulates Household and Population data). For mapping and compatibility purposes the NBM and Census information is collected at this granular level . Census Blocks also enable NBM areas to be precisely mapped into Census Tracts, Counties, CBSAs, Congressional Districts, Cities and Towns and American Indian Tribal areas and of course where Telephone, Cable, Mobile and other Carriers have Broadband services.

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