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Background Data

* Click on FCC 477, NTIA, Census Data and Regulatory & Business Metrics

FCC 477
ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, WISP, LTE/Other Mobile Technologies Uniform Company/Subsidiary arranged by Provider Sector
Consumer Up/Down Speeds are User Specified Business Contracted Speeds are User Specified
Consumer Service Business and Government Service

Technology - DSL, Cable Modem, Fiber Enhanced & NTIA Company Names
11 Download Speed Intervals 11 Upload Speed Intervals
1Advertised Speeds Up & Down Typical Speeds Up & Down

Census Data
Population Households/Homes Passed
Urban and Rural Designation City/Town Places and CDPs
CBSAs - Metropolitan Areas Congressional Districts
American Indian Areas Square Miles

Regulatory & Business Metrics
Price Cap/Rate of Return Study Areas
NECA Cost Schedules Study Area Codes (SAC)
Est. Business Locations Estimated Employees

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