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Regulatory and Business Indicators
Price Cap and ROR Companies
Price Cap Carriers - A price cap carrier is a carrier that's not subject to rate base/rate-of-return regulation. A price cap carrier is limited in its ability to raise rates on the basis of a formula defined by the FCC.

Rate-of-Return Carriers - A rate-of-return (ROR) carrier is one that is allowed to set rates on its various products and services so that it earns no more than the rate-of-return authorized by the FCC. FCC rules define the rate base (specified plant items) upon which a carrier is allowed to earn a return.
Study Area and NECA Identifiers
Study Area - A particular area and name where an ILEC provides local exchange service (established when the Telecom Act of 1996 was enacted).

Study Area Code (SAC) -Each Study Area has a 6 digit SAC and every voice provider eligible for USF support has a unique SAC identifier.

Cost Type Company - The ILEC Cost Type identifies the ILECs by C or A Schedule Companies as defined for Universal Service Fund settlement purposes.

Business Metrics
Esimated Business Locations - Estimate of business locations from Census Block to National level.

Estimated Employees - Estimate of Employees from Census Block to National level.

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