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Census Data
Housing Unit - A house, an apartment, a mobile home or trailer, a group of rooms, or a single room occupied as separate living quarters, or if vacant, intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.

Housing Units Occupied - A housing unit is classified as occupied if it is the usual place of residence of the person or group of people living in it at the time.

Population - All people, male and female, child and adult, living in a given geographic area.
CBSAs and City/Town Places
CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area) - Metropolitan statistical areas and micropolitan statistical areas. CBSAs consist of the county or counties associated with at least one core urbanized area of at least 10,000 population, plus adjacent counties with commuting ties.

City/Town Places (Incorporated Places) - A governmental unit incorporated under state law including such places as cities, towns, boroughs and villages.

CDP (Census Designated Places) - Non-incorporated places that are identifiable by name but not legally incorporated, such as retirement communities.

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